AHEP: Astroparticles and High Energy Physics Research Group

We are a research group performing research on theoretical, phenomenological and observational aspects of Astroparticle and High Energy Physics. We are part of the the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC, a mixed center of the University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


Particle cosmology

Neutrino cosmology, including the analysis of the cosmological bounds on neutrino properties and the study of neutrino physics solutions to cosmological puzzles.

New physics at the LHC

Research models with extended gauge groups and/or extra dimensions, with and without supersymmetry.

Underpinning the origin of neutrino mass

Neutrino mass, its characteristic scale and impact on particle physics.

Neutrino properties and the nature of neutrinos

Analyse current and upcoming neutrino experiments probing their mass hierarchy, CP violation and the atmospheric octant.

News & Positions

Scholarships for Master students at IFIC, Course 2018-2019

The Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular (IFIC) of the University of Valencia and CSIC announce 6 scholarships to Master students to do their Master's thesis in Physics ...
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Fellowships to carry out a doctorate from the INPhINIT programme

OPEN - Fellowships to carry out a doctorate from the INPhINIT programme, 2018 call, open until February 1 GROUP LEADER Prof. JOSÉ W. FURTADO VALLE valle@ific.uv.es https://www.astroparticles.es POSITION DESCRIPTION -Research Project / Research Group Description: The Higgs boson discovery at CERN and the recent Nobel prize for the discovery of neutrino oscillations mark the start of a new era in particle physics. Boosted by these achievements and by the expectation of new discoveries in the near future, we propose an interdisciplinary research program covering : 1. Neutrino properties: laboratory and astrophysics. Neutrino oscillation studies, with emphasis on CP violation and the mass hierarchy to be determined by upcoming oscillation experiments. To gain insight on the origin of neutrino mass, sub-leading effects will be studied. 2. Neutrino masses, origin and implications. Theoretical models of neutrino mass generation based on new symmetries, and their implications at the LHC and other experiments. We will consider high and low-scale seesaw-type schemes for Majorana and Dirac neutrinos as well as radiative models. 3. New physics at the Large Hadron Collider after the Higgs boson. Gauge and/or supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model, as well as new ideas such as extra dimensions, will be confronted with ...
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Ofertas de colaboración en el grupo AHEP

Se informa a los estudiantes interesados en las líneas de investigación desarrolladas por el grupo AHEP que tienen diversas formas de colaborar con los miembros de este grupo. Estudiantes de Grado:
  • Realización de la asignatura de Prácticas Externas (6 créditos) del 4º curso del grado en el Instituto de Física Corpuscular bajo la tutoría de investigadores del CSIC y la Universidad de Valencia.
  • Realización del Trabajo de Fin de Grado.
Estudiantes de Máster:
  • Realización del Trabajo de Fin de Máster.
Principales líneas de investigación del grupo: 1. Propiedades del neutrino en el laboratorio, astrofísica y cosmología 2. Origen de masa del neutrino y el problema del sabor 3. Nueva física en la era del LHC 4. La materia oscura en astrofísica, física de partículas y cosmología Contacto: Mariam Tórtola  (mariam@ific.uv.es) Avelino Vicente (Avelino.Vicente@ific.uv.es) ...
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Grand challenges in high energy and astroparticle physics

Grand challenges in high energy and astroparticle physics J. W. F. Valle and Jan de Boer : here ...
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