• We are a node of the excellence MULTIDARK Project supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation’s Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme, under contractMULTIDARK CSD2009-00064, addressing all aspects of Dark Matter Detection, theoretical and experimental, in a Multimessenger Approach, and involving all Spanish Institutions active on the subject.
  • We are funded by a variety of Spanish national agencies dependent on MINECO , (FPA2011-22975 a successor of a sequence of previous grants, such as FPA2008-00319, FPA2005-01269 and BFM2002-00345), and local agencies such as Generalitat Valenciana under Excellence Grant Prometeo/2009/091.
  • We have hosted the European Commission Research Training Site aimed at training undergraduate students engaged in their PhD Thesis on Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Contract Number HPMT-2000-00124). This recognizes the group’s excellence experience in the early stage training of young scientists.
  • We had the support from private foundations, such as Santander BBVA and Iberdrola,who has selected our Group as the recipient of their prestigious excellence award grant.
  • The AHEP Group offers a Santiago Grisolía Fellowship in one of our research lines, which cover theoretical, phenomenological and observational aspects of Astroparticle and High Energy Physics. Further information can be found here.
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