by Monojit Ghosh (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad (India))

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 from to (Europe/Madrid)
at IFIC ( Seminar Room 1.1.1 )


The phenomenon of neutrino oscillation is now well understood from the solar,
atmospheric, reactor and accelerator neutrino experiments. This oscillation
is characterized by a unitary PMNS matrix which is parametrized by three
mixing angles and one phase known as the leptonic CP phase. Though there
are already significant amount of information about the three mixing angles
but the CP phase is still unknown. In my talk I will describe the synergy
between the long-baseline (LBL) experiment NOVA, T2K and the atmospheric
neutrino experiment ICAL@INO for obtaining the first hint of CP violation
in the lepton sector.