Potential of a neutrino detector in the ANDES underground laboratory
for geoneutrino and supernova neutrino observations

Hiroshi Nunokawa
PUC Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Wednesday, 18 of July of 2012 16:00 PM
IFIC’s Seminar Room
The proposed Agua Negra Deep Experimental Site (ANDES) will be the first deep underground laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere. It will be built off one of the two Agua Negra tunnels that will link Argentina to Chile through the Andes with an overburden as large as 1.7 km of rock. We study the physics potential of a liquid scintillator neutrino detector of a few kilotons of fiducial mass, that could be built in this laboratory for the investigation of low energy neutrinos such as geo neutrinos and galactic supernova neutrinos. We emphasize some advantages of the location with respect to other neutrino detectors in the Northern Hemisphere.